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GIGABYTE Graphics Card Fan Replacements

We offer a comprehensive range of replacement fans for Gigabyte graphics cards, catering to a variety of models across both NVIDIA and AMD series. Our selection includes fans suitable for the AMD R9, RX 400, RX 500, RX VEGA, RX 5000, RX 6000, and RX 7000 series, as well as for the NVIDIA GTX 700, GTX 900, GTX 1000, RTX 2000, RTX 3000, and RTX 4000 series.

Check out our Gigabyte Fan Collection for all you miners, computer and gaming lovers! From cool AORUS to the neat EAGLE and sleek AERO, and GAMING series, we've got a bunch of different fan styles for you. They're great for playing games, making art, or anything else you like to do on your computer. Gigabyte is known for making things that last and work really well, and that's exactly what you'll find here. All the gpu fans in our collection are made to be just as good as Gigabyte's own fans, so you know you're getting the good gear.