About Us

Welcome to our store! We are a group of five people working on this business that is registered in Albania, Europe and in USA with a US registered brand allowing us to sell worldwide. 

We are divided in two groups living in Albania and in Florida, USA. Yes this is a small team compared with the volume of sales and customer support emails we are dealing with everyday.

We have started this business back in year 2017 when our mining graphic cards started to heat because of the faulty fans. There were no solutions on that time. There were only some websites mostly in Chinese and it was a pain to deal with the sellers. So this was our starting point. No one else was able to provide the fans for all the graphics cards models sold in the market.

We deal everyday with suppliers aiming the best quality and price for the fans for people owning mining farms, game enthusiasts or home usage graphics card fans. Most of our customers are recurring customers or people that have tried the "quality" of the items bought elsewhere. This is our strongest weapon: QUALITY and of course fast delivery. We ship our items in less than 24 hours excluding only Sundays.

We initially started shipping the graphics card fans from our China warehouse and later from two new locations: New Jersey and Los Angeles. In these days most of our shipments will come from our China warehouse because of the premium shipping options we use. We can deliver in USA, Canada, AU and Europe in less than 2 weeks and sometimes this is faster than USPS specially with the pandemic in the last years.